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-How can I get payment?

You need to have a Paypal account to receive payment from buyers directly.

PayPal is the faster, more secure way to pay and receive funds online. It lets you get payment from buyers across 203 global markets—all without the hassle of converting currency. It's free to sign up for a PayPal account and to download the PayPal app to receive and send money.

*Paypal account is your Paypal registered email.


-How shipping works for Peppaca?

When you list items, the default option is non-free shipping. Once the buyer places an order, you as a seller will receive the shipping quote request. The seller will submit three shipping quotes base on the delivery time. After the buyer selects one of the shipping options and makes a total payment for the order, the whole order process is completed, and then it is time for the seller to make and ship out the order.

The whole process is easy and fast. We are working on partnerships with international shipping carriers in different countries. For sellers in some countries, the recommended shipping carriers’ information is available on their account dashboards.

If you select free shipping while listing items, you will not receive shipping quote requests after the order is placed by the buyer, and you will receive the payment immediately from the buyer after the order is placed.


-Can I sell on Peppaca if I don’t have inventory?


Considering the uniqueness of handmade products, some creations are Make-to-Order. You can put lead time while listing a product. Lead time lets buyers know how long the order will take to make and be ready to ship out.

For example, after receiving an order, if it takes 10 days for you to make it before the shipment, the lead time of this product should be put as 10 days.


-How to place an order on Peppaca?


Register for a buyer account on www.peppaca.com or download App “Peppaca Buyer” from the App Store.

Find your favorite creations and check for shipping options (free shipping/non-free shipping) as well as the return policy.

Click “Add to cart” and “Proceed to check out”.

After confirming your shipping address and payment details, click “Place Order”.

Peppaca will send a confirmation email to the address that you used to create your account.

You can use the email to track your package and manage your order.


After clicking “Place Order,” Peppaca will send you a confirmation order email and we will let the seller quote the shipping cost for you accordingly. You will receive a notification email shortly to let you know that the seller has provided the shipping quote. Please select your preferred shipping option so your order can be processed.


Sign in to your Peppaca Buyer account and go to “Order Status.” You can find the tracking number and the carrier.


-How to communicate between buyers and sellers?


In order to communicate with sellers, the buyer needs to register a buyer account first.

Buyers can initiate a message regarding a product on product detail page or regarding a specific order on the order page.

On Buyer's dashboard(after logging into buyer's account), buyer can check sellers' messages after clicking the avatar icon on the right upper corner and then go to "message->message regarding products or message regarding orders".

In seller account, The message function is shown on the left menu bar. The seller can click "message -> message regarding products" or "message->message regarding orders" to check buyers'messages.

We will send a new message notification to both buyers and sellers each day if they do not read new messages.


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