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1.Register/ Create Peppaca Account

If you are using computer, please visit our website, go to the top right corner and click “Join”. After filling in all the fields you will receive an activation email.

If you are on mobile phone, you can download our app “Peppaca seller” to sign up.

Click “Open a new store today” or sign up with Facebook, Apple, or Google account.

If you are on our site with your phone, click Menu-> Join/Log in->Join. After filling in all the fields you will receive an activation email.

*Select purchase plan if you are on website:

Basic plan: free up to 7 listings and 1 blog.

Professional plan: $9.99/ month. 20 listings and 5 blogs. 1 banner and 1 video.

Premium plan: $19.99/month. 50 listings and 10 blogs. 2 banners and 5 videos

Ultimate plan: $199.99/month. Unlimited listings and unlimited blogs. Unlimited banners and unlimited videos.

2. Activate your account

Activate your account accordingly. Please check spam box or search “Peppaca” if no email is received.

3. Set up your account

After activation, please sign in and set up your account. Then, your Peppaca seller account is created successfully.

*Mobile users please select “Sell on Peppaca” after signing in on your device.

*Link to setup paypal acct


Peppaca does not charge a transaction fee. The payment will be only between seller and buyer.

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