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I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan.

Currently, while making and selling jewelry, I also teach people how to make handmade accessories, and publish a book on accessories in Japan.

I also experienced a lot of event exhibitions, and I was able to open a store for the invitation event from Swarovski with its "Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements."

I mainly make handmade accessories using resin, real flowers, and natural stones. I also draw my own designs. I feel that each piece of jewelry is like a child, and when I deliver it to a customer, I always send it out with all my heart, with greetings: "Have a nice day, I hope you meet a wonderful person."

My jewelry reaches women all over the world, and I support many people to shine beautifully. Moreover, it is my greatest pride and happiness.

I have experience as a Japanese model and manicurist. I have pursued the expression of cuteness and beauty in my life. I remembered that I loved shiny things and drawing pictures even when I was a child, and it's been more than 10 years since I started selling as a resin jewelry artist in earnest.

Thanks to the support of many people, especially Japanese customers, so I can continue my work as an artist.

I would like to bring happiness to women around the world by incorporating my delicate techniques and consideration of Japanese culture into jewelry.

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Preserving Flower in Resin

Mamiko creates elegant unique floral pieces by preserving and casting floral blooms in resin. Her jewelry is made of clear resin, which helps to preserve natural beauty for a long time. Delightful drop and stud earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Flowers are as unique as the individuals who choose them. Handpicked, Dried, and Embedded into crystal clear resin, her beautiful botanical jewelry are perfect for any nature lover. When treated with care, preserved real flower jewelry can last for years.

Sea-colored glass art earrings.
Real leaf earrings
Mimosa bouquet jewelry set.
Fresh water pearl and blue flower set.
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Preserving Flowers In Resin - Beautiful Botanical Resin Jewelry by Artrier
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