“There is a world that exists, even though we cannot see it, and there are those who live in it, and we must not violate it without thought.” These words, which I heard from my grandmother when I was a child, led me to imagine this world deeply. Gradually, I became interested in studying mythology and apparition, as well as life and death. My works are based on these thoughts.

I am a paper cutout artist. I create various works, including two-dimensional, three-dimensional, costume, and spatial artworks, without being bound by the stereotypes of paper cutouts, usually made from a single sheet of paper. And furthermore, the paper I use for my paper cutouts is a particular type of paper with unique colors and a shimmering luster that changes with the angle of the cutout. I also create transparent yet colorful works using film-type materials and works using leather. Through my work, I continuously challenge the transformation of paper cutouts from what viewers "see" to something they "feel".

I would be very happy if you are interested. I accept orders from companies as well as individuals. I’m a tourism ambassador of Izumo and a member of Cibele Maciet Communication.


In her first year of junior high school, Miki discovered a design knife and immersed herself in learning how to use this special tool. In 2008, she started as a self-taught paper cutout artist. Her first solo exhibition was held in 2011. She has been commissioned by many major companies, including Hoshino Resort Kai Izumo, Daiwa House Apartments, and Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store.

In 2013

Selected for the International Paper Cutting Competition

Participated in numerous solo exhibitions and shows

In 2014

Selected for Platinum Art Competition.

Awarded Newcomer's Prize at the 30th Commemorative Japan Senga Art Exhibition

In 2015

Selected for the Belladonna Art Exhibition

Costume and jewelry cutout decoration for “Yumi Katsura Paris Couture Collection-GLORIOUS RIMPA”

Provided paper cutouts for the show window display and dress decorations for the 50th anniversary of Yumi Katsura Bridal House's main store

In 2016

Solo exhibition at Ouchi Gallery, in NY

Used as image visual in the April issue of VOGUE

In 2017

Participated in a group exhibition at Onishi Gallery, in NY

Solo exhibition at Imaoka Museum of Art, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in and outside of the prefecture

In 2018

Planned and organized a projection mapping event

Appointed as a tourism ambassador of Izumo

In 2019

Paper cutouts were used as shadow pictures in the stage direction of "Asita Saku Hana" (written and directed by Efu Wakagi) performed at the "International Children's and Youth Theater Festival RikkaRikka Festa '19" held in Okinawa.


「Ten no Marebito」Guardians of the Heavens

A gigantic whale appears in the city when people are asleep. A spirit-like being that swims in the town at night as if it were sinking. The scenery left in their hearts and minds during the whales' long journey is floating on their bodies.

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I wondered why the sound of a pendulum clock didn't bother me at all during the day, but at night it sounded very loud. I asked my grandmother why and she told me, "their voices are louder at night because that's the time for non-humans. That's why you should sleep at night." What I imagined their world to be like was the inspiration for this work. So many of the things I talked about with my grandmother have become my current work and creative philosophy. I wish I could have talked to her a lot more.

"Snuff or Expensive Meat" Paper Cutting Artwork by Miki Kajita
"Deppen" 進 Paper Cutting Artwork by Miki Kajita
''Come to you" 君のもとへ - Beautiful Swan Paper Cutting Artwork by Miki Kajita
"Eastern Sky" 東の空 - Paper Cutting Artwork by Miki Kajita
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2017 Miki Kajita Solo Exhibition ENIGUMA Contemporary Dance with 3D Cutouts, Embroidered Costumes
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Miki Kajita 3D Paper Cutting Artist- Intro
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