Qian's filigree work


Haiqiang Qian

Master Qian began to learn the skills of filigree handicraft from his father in childhood and then has been engaged in the professional production of filigree ornaments.

He is now a senior art and craft artist in Hebei Province, China.

Representative inheritor of Langfang municipal intangible cultural heritage project.

Art master of Langfang arts and crafts industry.

Outstanding Expert of Langfang.

Vice President of Langfang Arts and Crafts Association.


Haiqing Qian won the first prize in the metal forging project of the 5th China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo.

Haiqiang’s work, "DOUBLE DRAGON LOTUS LEAF BOTTLE" won the gold award in the competition of "Hundred Flower Cup" for Chinese Arts and Crafts masters.

Haiqiang’s works,"FOUR GENTLEMAN WIDE MOUTH BOTTLE", "LING LONG RUYI PEARL PAGODA", and "TAIPING ELEPHANT" won the silver awards in the competition of "HUNDRED FLOWER CUP" for Chinese Arts and Crafts masters.

Haiqiang’s work, "TENGWANG PAVILION" won the Crane award of the second "Crane Cup" held by the China arts and crafts association.

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“TENGWANG PAVILION” is one of the four famous Chinese ancient buildings. This exquisite piece of art is a miniaturized model at a 1:36 scale.

The completed artwork took the artist five years and 158 kilograms of pure sterling silver to make. The base of the work is high-quality carved marble, with a guardrail on it. The main building is made of sterling silver. The shape is consistent with the famous ancient building Tengwang Pavilion. The difference is that the restored Tengwang Pavilion in the 1980s is in the Song Dynasty building style, but the roof ridge is in the Qing Dynasty style.After consulting a lot of information and reference to the Song Dynasty system, the work is more in line with the architectural characteristics of the Song Dynasty. The whole piece adopted a variety of traditional manual techniques such as filigree inlay, hammer die, chisel carving, filaments mosaic, lost wax casting, and silver-bluing. Every single piece is connected through manual welding in the final stage. The final artwork vividly represents the magnificent designs of the ancient building!

TENGWANG silver pavilion
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The Miniature of Tengwang Pavilion Created by Hebei Craftsman Qian Haiqiang
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