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RenQing CaiRang is a provincial master of arts and crafts, non-genetic inheritance, and an innovative new figure. He is a founder of the "Black Tang Convex Gold" painting method, and an auspicious thangka contracted thangka painter.

RenQing CaiRang is known as the "black gold Master" in the thangka world. From learning to draw thangkas to completing the creation of thangkas alone, he has been drawing black and gold thangkas. Among the thangka painters, generally, only a few outstanding painters can draw lines with fine hairlines, and Renqing Cai Rang is one of the outstanding figures.

The "Black Tang Convex Gold" painting method, a unique Thangka painting skill, is created by RenQing CaiRang after five years of trying. "Black tang convex gold" works of drawing need a painter 30% increase in workload and extend the painting cycle, which makes the number of the painter's works reduced significantly. The bumps on the surface of the painting are pure gold, using a great deal of gold, so the cost of this kind of thangka work is very high, you can imagine how precious it is. His works attracted the attention of many thangka collectors as soon as they were on the market.

Now RenQing has quickly become an outstanding thangka painter in the thangka field with his amazing talent. His solid painting skills show a distinctive style in black and gold. In the painting of thangka, he set exquisite colors, and coordinated chic transitions, sublimating stylish colors in calm and elegance. The technique of drawing lines is meticulous, delicate, stretching, and smooth. In the form of expression, composition, and color, his works absorb the Chinese Gongbi painting style and integrate Tibetan painting art with his own understanding of painting and Buddhism. The shape and appearance of the characters, and spiritual temperament are accurate and vivid. His art can truly achieve the state of both form and spirit.


In 2013

RenQing participated in the painting of the world's highest hand-painted thangka. His black and gold work "White Manjusri Bodhisattva" is permanently collected by the Capital Museum.

In 2015

RenQing CaiRang's Thangka work "Gelugpa School Guru and the Nine Great Guardians" was sold for 480,000 Chinese yuan at the Hanhai Autumn Auction, one of the three major auction houses in Beijing.

Held a Thangka boutique exhibition at the China Geological Museum

In 2016

The intangible cultural heritage exhibition of the first "Macao Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ancient Art International Expo" exhibited the latest of his black and gold thangka works. There was a Thangka creation performance on the spot.

RenQing CaiRang was rated as a loving Thangka painter by the China Population Welfare Foundation.

The first foreign solo thangka exhibition was held at the Australian Chinese Cultural Center. The international debut of "Black Gold Thangka Master" RenQing CaiRang has also attracted a lot of attention and has been reported by the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Sydney Daily, and other media.

In 2017

"China Thangka Yearbook" published a number of works by RenQing CaiRang, among which "Nine Great Protectors" of the Gelug School became the best thangka work of the year."Eighty-Four Thousand" Contemporary Buddhist Art Exhibition - RenQing CaiRang's Works Exhibition was held in Beijing 798 Art District.

RenQing CaiRang won the nomination award for "Intangible Cultural Heritage Craftsman of a Great Country" in Beijing's National Culture Palace.

In 2018

He was invited to participate in the "Blooming Flowers -- Thangka School and Inheritors' Works Exhibition" held by Zhiguan Art Museum in Beijing.

RenQing participated in the "Prajna Ingenuity" collection of Thangka art and inheritors' works, held by Shanghai Wu Changshuo Art Museum and Shanghai Ink Painting and Calligraphy Academy.

In 2019

RenQing CaiRang participated in Nanjing's Chinese Arts and Crafts Master Heritage Base Briefing show.

As the only Tibetan Thangka artist representative, RenQing CaiRang went to Tokyo, Japan to participate in the "Chinese Thangka Art Exhibition."

In 2020

He obtained the qualification certificate of "Provincial Master of Arts and Crafts" issued by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

RenQing was invited to attend the China intangible cultural heritage and Innovation Development Summit Forum and won the intangible cultural heritage Innovation New Talent Award.

"Won the first prize in the "Xizang Cultural and Creative's competition and the media Attention Award of the "Beijing Cultural and Creative's competition.

In 2021

RenQing CaiRang participated in the Qinghai Minority Youth Art Exhibition held under the academic guidance of "The Chinese Artists Association."

In 2022

In the arts and crafts design innovation competition of the second China Arts and Crafts Fair, RenQing's work "The power of Three Buddha in Turbid Times" won the award of "Baihe", the only Thangka work and the only Tibetan arts and crafts master in the award list.

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This thangka is painted with convex gold technique. In the center, the Lord is revered as Sakyamuni Buddha- the founder of Buddhism. On the top of Thangka is Amitabha Buddha on the left, and Yakushi Buddha on the right. Amitabha Buddha is the master of Western Paradise. Amitabha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, and Dashizhi Bodhisattva are known as the "three Western Saints." On the left and bottom right of the Thangka are the two great disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha. In the middle is the enemy of Yama. This Thangka takes red (cinnabar) as the base tone, enriched with other mineral pigments, which bring bright colors and smooth lines. The vivid images and full tension give people a strong impact and a sense of shock.

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Liansheng Miaobi Gawu Box Pendant Thangka Painting by Artist RenQing CaiRang
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