景物 A
景物 B

景物-The Gift from Jinngdezhen


(This is the customized product, we don't have any storage. )

景物 are designed with ruler and pen made from a combination of jingdezhen special glaze and resin.

Jingdezhen is a blue city to me, not only because of the blue and white porcelain everywhere in the streets and alleys, but also because of the quietness and cleanness after the rain stops and the sky clears up , the sky reveals pieces of azure reflected in the streets and alleys, which is pleasant and calm.

This may be a gift from Jingdezhen, a blue gift. I would like to take this gift with me.

景物 is something I took away from Jingdezhen. It is stationery composed of pens and rulers. I didn't do much design. I just deposited my favorite blue color from Jingdezhen.

Because in winter, students who finish class from the Ceramic Institute can see that the mountains across the road are filled with fog. So I also recorded the shape of the mountain, hoping that it would have a richer artistic conception.

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