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Soft pottery doll customization, gift making (软陶人偶定制,礼物制作)

by xiaozhen cao

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lead time : 15 days     
Customization instructions :

1. What we can guarantee is that the photo is at least recognized as the person in the photo. It is not a wax figure of Madame Tussauds and cannot be exactly the same as the photo provided. 
2. Handmade works, our delivery standard is not a so-called "looks like or dislike", an abstract word by the customers,  but a personal subjective feeling. Without a specific standard, we cannot control your expectations. Therefore, as long as the sample is made by us and the customer has no problem confirming it after reading it, it should meet the customer's requirements. 
3. No matter it is normal customization or urgent customization, any shipping problems cannot be returned! If there is any transportation problem, we will be responsible for the round-trip freight reordering or repairing. 
4. The original intention of the soft pottery doll is to add artistic effects to the person to form a three-dimensional cartoon doll, so the similarity is only 7.8 points. Because hand-made products will not calculate the shape and direction like a machine, we hope that the products are more perfect than you. But in fact, due to the limitations of various aspects of the handicraft process, sometimes it is difficult for your imagination and reality to achieve real production. Unite. There will be more or less differences, so please forgive me. 
5. Please choose a favorite main emoticon photo (with clear front) full body or half body and head portrait. The quality of the photo directly determines the similarity of the doll. Choose the clothes and posture photos you like. It can be a clothes style matched with multiple photos, or you can refer to the clothes pictures of various clothing stores to choose and make. 
6. The base and scene can also be customized as you like (contact customer service), or you can choose the ordinary base we provide (solid color round, heart-shaped, square). 
7. Regarding delivery time: 3-5 days for normal confirmation, 7-15 days for delivery, SF Express nationwide (except for remote areas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). For places where SF Express is not available, please contact customer service if you have special requirements. Important reminder: This product is a tailor-made purely handmade work. The investment of manpower and material resources is targeted at customers and cannot be sold again. Therefore, once the production starts, no refunds can be returned! ! ! Otherwise, buy carefully! ! !

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