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The glaze I used is a composite glaze, a new glaze that has been reorganized by some local craftsmen in Jingdezhen. With regard to the firing of ceramics, the local craftsmen depended on decades of firing experience, and I also took notes of my firing experience.
It can be seen that in the process of kiln burning, there are many factors that affect the ceramics inside, such as the cloudy and sunny weather (high humidity in cloudy days, mild atmosphere, low humidity in sunny days, strong atmosphere), the high and low kiln position ( The temperature in the middle of the kiln is the highest, decreasing gradually towards the upper and lower positions, and the temperature in the lower position is the lowest. ), etc. Almost no old craftsman can tell you exactly how to burn this color. They can only use their experience to judge which color is likely to appear under which conditions.
Therefore, before we actually found this blue color, we had already burned nearly 100 colors.
But fortunately, among the nearly 100 colors, we found some individual colors and shapes with excellent visual effects. I wrote down the name of the glaze used to burn this pattern and the required conditions with a sticky note, but my friend said to me, 
"then why don't you make it into a business card and put it on the bottom to be displayed like a science museum?"
We stored the colors and shapes that we thought were excellent in resin, and translated its name into Chinese, Japanese and Korean for display in the exhibition hall of the Design Institute. The purpose of this is not to show how lucky I am, but to tell everyone that these are all gifts given to us by Jingdezhen.
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