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Antique Moroccan Tuareg 925 silver anklets cuff bracelet, ethnic tribal, tribal bracelets

by Africanbazaarus

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Antique Moroccan Tuareg silver cuff bracelet a wonderful Old Bracelet from Morocco. It's from the 2nd half of the XX century. This type of bracelets is widely worn by the Tuareg but also in Southern Morocco .it measures abut diameter 3" wide x 1''.5 long  x 6mm  38gr feature detailed wire-work high grade alloy of silver with wonderful wear The Tuareg, nomads who travel all over the Sahara desert are primarily herders and traders. Skilled craftsmen made elegant forms from brass and silver metals, most were worn as jewelry and were the principal method of storing and exchanging wealth. These brass forms were recognized and traded as currency, yet some were also used as bracelets.

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