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Bring Safe and Block Evil Garnet Knitting Red Rope Safety Lock Bracelet

by vanessa and z

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lead time : 15 days
Natural stone material:Garnet、Blue sand
Material of metal fittings:Alloy plating silver
Size:11-18cm(Purely handmade, there will be an error of 0.1cm ~ 0.5cm)
With the wine red rope and the safety lock which means good luck and well-being, the baby bracelet is made by hand. It is adjustable and convenient to wear. The garnet and blue sandstone on Ping'an lock are crystal clear and delicate. Blue sand stone symbolizes courage, perseverance, enterprising, success, victory and glory. It brings courage, confidence and willpower to people, and increases vitality and momentum. Wearing blue sand stone can calm people down, make people concentrate, think flexibly, and improve their work concentration and personal learning ability. Garnet has more powerful purification energy. In addition, garnet is also regarded as a stone of hope and confidence, which can enhance the self-confidence of the holder.
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