Coconut milk and Rice protein white clay facial mask/ Dry Skin, Oily skin - Brightening Mask, Vegan skin care

by Cocos Cosmetics

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Coconut milk and Rice protein white clay facial mask - For Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Oily skin - Brightening Mask, Vegan skin care




"Coco Milk & Rice Protein"


Rice is a traditional remedy for beauty in the East.


Coco Milk & Rice Protein can rejuvenate and brighten skin, cure acne, but also to return the tone and make the skin glow.


Cosmetic properties of DETOX-mask:


Clay contains substances tyrosine, allantoin, ferulic acid, which naturally whiten skin, relieve redness, align the complexion and fights with pigmentation of the skin.


The clay absorbs excess sebum that mattes the skin and protects against acne.


Coconut milk promotes rapid regeneration of the skin, making it fresh looking and young. It cleans and has a tonic effect, which is especially important for oily skin.


It contains a large amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


Coconut milk treats acne, allergic acne, but also soothes and dries inflamed skin.


Suitable for all ages and skin types, including problematic, sensitive, dry skin.



Dilute 2 teaspoons of mask with water at room temperature, mix until a thick mass, and apply on cleansed face. Then rinse with water.


Before you begin to put the mask on the skin, it should be good to steam - the effect of this will be much higher.


Apply on the face with a thin layer. Do not limit the area of ​​application only face - pay attention to the neck and upper chest.

After applying the mask for about 15 minutes, lie down quietly, relax the muscles of the face. Rinse off the mask in the right way - start wash it with warm water, gradually moving to the cold. In this way, the use of the beneficial properties of the mask will be opened completely.


Ingredients: 100% natural white clay with rice protein and coconut milk. Weight 100g. Shelf life 2 years

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