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HANDMADE KALVAM/wet and dry stone grinder/hand Grinder/spice grinder/morter and pestle orginal stone in granite marble

by Handcraftindiaco

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Kalvam/Grinder for Herbs :

Kalvam is a stone that is similar to Grinding stone.

Our ancestors have used the Kalvam in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.

Kalvam is used for grinding many types of dry and wet herbs from ancient times till now.

This Kalvam can be used at home on a regular basis with ease, it is easy to handle, and clean.

It is indeed a signature product that you can place in your kitchen cupboard, and its functionality of grinding spices makes it must-have kitchenware.

Perfect kitchen tool to prepare garlic, ginger, and tamarind paste.

Using this Kalvam Stone in your food preparation, you can enhance the aroma and taste of your food.

Today, this utensil has become a sought-after kitchen tool popularly known as the Natural Mortar and Pestle with modernistic fervor.

This crafted stone item comes with fine carving and a beautiful decent look.

•Weight (Approx) :3.310 Kg

•Dimensions (Approx) :

Height - 6.5 cm,
Length - 18 cm,
Breadth - 10.5 cm

Material:- pure ston and garnite marble

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