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NANCHOW handmade cement tile N006 XIANGCHENG 香承

by Nanchow

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lead time : 7 days     
Main materials: Cement tile raw materials, plated steel, aluminum, agarwood
Packing size: 290X140X52mm
Color style: black, dark green, thin green, orange (cooperation)
Scope of Application:The diameter of the incense line should be less than 2mm
 (1 incense bearing +10 incense threads/box)

NANCHOW is one cement tile brand from Xiamen, China, focusing in designing, producing and selling handcrafted cement tiles and derivative products. 
NANCHOW team has dedicated in studying the arts and crafts of cement tiles from scratch since 2012, and develop newer era's sense and aesthetics on the traditional craftsmanship, with the “technology innovation”& “design development” as the core value, devoting to enhancing the quality of cement tiles and endowing with new aesthetic values. NANCHOW also develops the derivative products to break new ground for cement tiles, and meanwhile realize sustainable environmental design with the concept of  “RE TILE"". With the cement tiles at heart, NANCHOW endeavours to explore and express the beauty and quality of life.

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