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Natural Baroque Pearl Bracelet, 925 Sterling Silver, Handmade Bracelet, Black Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Jewelry, Boho Bracelet, Adjustable

by Silvertolia

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This 925 Sterling Silver bracelet is purely handmade and natural Black and White Pearls are used. 

• symbol of innocence and purity • brain power • spirituality • harmonious relationships • supports sleep • enhances skin beauty • bright eyes • peaceful mind • decisiveness • confidence • emotional balance • deflects negativity
☆June birthstone

• healing • balanced emotions • psychism • peace • raises sensitivity • expands the psychic awareness • protects from negativity • improves blood circulation • regulates heart activity • boosts immunity

Identified with enhancing the powers of the moon, silver energizes natural stones during the full moon and new moon thus helps to reveal each stone's unique powers.

❣ BRACELET SIZE: The length of this bracelet is approx. 19.5 cm ( approx. 7.7 inches) but we can adjust the length if you wish. If you want us to adjust it, please write us your size.

❣ FOR YOUR PLEASANT SURPRISE: If this bracelet will be for someone special, we can place your personalized message card and prepare it as a gift. Please contact us about your ideas so we can create your personalized gift.

❣ CARING TIPS: You can clean your silver jewelry with a mild soap and water solution and gently patting dry with a soft cloth, or you may use special cleaners for silver. You should store your silver jewelry individually, so they won't scratch and harm each other. Household chemicals may harm your silver jewelry that's why we recommend you not to wear silver jewelry while working with chemicals.  

♡ We will send your bracelet in a protective jewelry box.
✉ Please feel free to share your ideas with us. We care about your wishes.

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