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Oval Hand Crocheted Cotton Fabric Rag Rug

by Triple E Crafter Fabric Shop & Goodies

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Handmade Oval Crocheted Cotton Fabric Rag Rug.

36 inches X 26 inches.

Quantity Available: One (1).

This is a one of a kind item.

Shape: Oval.

Fabric: Soft Cotton.

This oval washable rag rug is hand crocheted with 100% cotton fabric.

Colors: Multi Colored with a border of brown with a tiny green design.

Perfect for a home of contemporary, coastal, tropical or cottage home decor.

The perfect accent rug for living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or office.

Anywhere you need a splash of color.

Pretty colors for enriching your home decor.

Letter with care instruction are sent with each order.

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