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Pinctada Maxima Moonstone Pearl White Crystal Rose Brooch

by vanessa and z

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lead time : 15 days
Natural stone material:Pearl、White butterfly shell、White shell、Moonstone、White crystal
Material of metal fittings:Brass sheet、Copper wire
Size:3.5cm(Purely handmade, there will be an error of 0.1cm ~ 0.5cm)
This brooch is mainly made of rose shaped white butterfly shell. Natural gems such as pearl, moonstone and white crystal are distributed around it like stars holding the moon. It is retro and has a hazy beauty. White butterfly shell is known as the "rare treasure", its shell color, shape is unique, the pearl layer is thick and beautiful luster, people pay attention to and love. Pearl is a kind of organic gem, which has been regarded as a treasure since ancient times. Moonstone is known as the stone of lovers, the stone of health, and the stone of rebirth. It is the lucky stone for those born in June, together with pearl and Bianshi, symbolizing wealth and longevity. White crystal is a kind of energy gem that can enhance inspiration and realize wishes, known as the "king of crystal".
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