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Totoro mahogany kalimba.

by MidnightGarden

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100% original kalimba sculpted into the anime icon Totoro. 
This piece is entirely built using hand tools and without paralel procedures. Due to the work it demands, it would be a sin to use cheap materials, so its entirely made out of mahogany wood with a natural quality finishing. 
This is a hollow kalimba, with three holes in the frontal space imitating the Totoro body marks and two little holes in the back for a surrounding sound effect.

This dedication and features sadly icrease the overall price of the piece, but due this same specifications is an unic item 100% original. On top of that beeing an entirely handmade kaliba arises the posibility for some customization, i can sign the piece of write the name of someone (maybe cool if its a present), take in consideration that for the details and inscriptions i use the pyrography technique. 
Im open for some more personal customization too like changing some holes or curves to better adapt the kalimba to the hands of the receiver. But this should be negotiated apart and will probably take some extra time.

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