Turmeric Mask For Acne/ Detox Acne Facial Mask/ Yellow Clay Mask/ Skin Lightening Mask/ Turmeric Clay Facial Mask

by Cocos Cosmetics

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Turmeric Mask For Acne/ Detox Acne Facial Mask/ Protein Facial Mask/ Yellow Clay Mask/ Skin Lightening Mask/ Turmeric Clay Facial Mask

"Indian Curcuma Clay" is a Turmeric Mask For Acne interacts with the deeper layers of the epidermis, oxygenates and nourishes the cells of nutrients.

It improves skin elasticity and stimulates the growth of new cells due to the high content of antioxidants.
Restores proper functioning of the sebaceous glands, which helps cleanse the skin, get rid of acne and has strong healing properties for the skin.

It absorbs excess sweat glands and sebum, eliminates skin contamination.
Anti-inflammatory effect.

Due to its healing properties of Turmeric and ginger, quickly tightened micro cracks, peeling and redness disappear.
It removes harmful toxins, improves the complexion, gives the skin radiance.

As a result, the skin becomes extremely soft and silky with chickpea protein.

The mask provides gentle and effective care for the skin of different types and ages.
Particularly recommended for oily, problematic, combined, as well as aging, dull skin.

It has a bright yellow-orange color and can stain the light skin.
You can neutralize the yellowness, wiping the face with a mixture of lemon juice, yogurt and oat bran or toner or facial oil.

It is recommended to carry out the procedure before going to bed.


Dilute 2 teaspoons of mask with water at room temperature, mix until dough, apply to cleansed face.

Before you begin to put the mask on the skin, it should be good to steam - the effect of this will be much higher. Apply on the face with mid layer. Do not limit the area of ​​application only face - pay attention to the neck and upper chest.
After applying the mask for about 15 minutes, lie down quietly, relax the muscles of the face. Rinse off the mask in the right way - start wash it with warm water, gradually moving to the cold. In this way, the use of the beneficial properties of the mask will be opened completely.

Ingredients: 100% natural yellow clay, turmeric, chickpea protein, ginger

Weight 100g.

Store in a dark, cool place. Shelf life 2 years.

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