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Acoustic Guitar, Ziricote & Carbonized spruce

by Changhe Studio

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Back & Sides: Ziricote, Cordia dodecandra
Neck: Sapele, Entandrophragma cylindricum
Top: Carbonized spruce, Picea asperata Mast.
Bridge: African Blackwood, Dalbergia melanaoxylon Guill&perr.
String: Elixir
Fretboard Wood: African ebony, Diospyros ebenum Koening
Scale Length: 25.50″
Finish: Semi oily and semi alcoholic paint
Tone: rich low frequency, bright high frequency and high sound ductility.

The guitar is F-shaped, with a scale length of 25.50″.I added a 45 degrees beveled armrest to the guitar, not only to make it more comfortable to be used, but also to strong the streamline style. The shape design inspiration is partly derived from the violin, the arcs of the upper circle and the lower circle are round and neutral, which makes the overall guitar body looks more powerful and the sound more cohesive and penetrating. The sound characteristics is more consistent with the streamline style.

1. The transport expense and freight insurance should undertake by the buyer.
2.Compared to Nitro paint, the semi oily and semi alcoholic paint is more soft. Please avoid collision with sharp objects in case of scratching.

Return Policy:
No refund or returns without quality problems.

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