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Butterfly handmade retro beach balcony office coffee bar American European style leisure chair

by Qiu Gu Design

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The brand owner graduated from the Department of Animation Design of the China Academy of Fine Arts
The combination of design and traditional crafts originates from the European leather manufacturing process. By combining the modern aesthetic simplicity design concept, the work combines the cowhide material skillfully with the artistic creation technique of sculpture and painting, and designs and produces a series of household products and lamps and lanterns made of cowhide, brass and solid wood.

A team of designers from the China Academy of Fine Arts
Has professional design and color correction on shapes and colors.
They incorporate the strokes, texture and color expression of the painting into the product design and production.
More importantly, we insist on small batches of pure manual production,
To better retain the handmade taste and good production quality 
The China Academy of Fine Arts-styled home design studio
Hopes to bring more beautiful design to everyone,
To decorate your life and give you a little more different choices

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