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Classic BLACK Concrete Incense Burner | BLACK Holder | My Own Design | Incense Burner | Modern Incense Holder |

by ForestTable

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I am proud that I can offer you another unique product for your home.
It is concrete incense burner, which, like all my other works, is completely my project.
Designing it, I wanted to create a beautiful form that will add originality and uniqueness to your interior. A form that will add even more subtlety and relax to your senses while burning incense.

In my original products, not only the most important feature is the unique design and its beauty, but also the same attention I focus on the functionality of the product for which it was created. Of course, I won't let you down here either!
Thanks to its dimensions, my incense burner fits perfectly for both short and long incenses.
In the hole where the incense is placed, I additionally made a hole and a groove so that the incense is stably positioned while burning. Functionality for incense burner is first of all that the ash falls on the incense burner and not on the place on which the incense burner stands. It should be obvious, but how many incense burners are on sale too narrow, which instead of fulfilling their role, leave a lot of ash around, which has passed too narrow shape.
When you decide on my unique incense burner, you don't have to worry about it because I designed its width up to 43mm (1.69 inches) and thanks to that it catches ash perfectly.

The classic and unique design of this concrete incense burner suits every style (loft, modern, luxury etc).
The perfect gift for any occasion!


* Colour: BLACK

* Size: 210 x 43 x 29 mm ( 8.26 x 1.69 x 1.14 inches)

*Weight: 372g (approx)

By choosing my product, You can be sure that You buy directly from the creator of this Piece of Art. The more I will be grateful to You because You will support my small shop and thus contribute to the creation of new unique projects that are waiting in my head for implementation. And You can be sure that there are a lot of them - and exactly in this category which is Home Decor. First of all, made of concrete, whose artistic form I loved!
If you check my products you can see that I am a creative artist who likes different mediums to express their artistic soul. And concrete has just arrived in my artistic world.

I make every concrete incense holder myself - from beginning to end, ensuring the highest quality.
As this is a hand-made product, everyone can slightly differ from each other, be it the number of air bubbles characteristic of concrete and ending with a delicate color shade. It also affects the uniqueness that characterizes this concrete product.

PLEASE NOTICE: I send this Piece of Art the fastest way possible as Priority Registered Letter by Air Mail so that you can enjoy this one of a kind product as soon as possible :)

Incense not included.

Thank you for your interest
A real left-handed artist :)
Rafał Kudrański

INSTAGRAM --> www.instagram.com/foresttable
FACEBOOK --> www.facebook.com/foresttable

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