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Custom Edible Cake Topper Gaming Minecraft

by Dawn Gibson

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lead time : 1 days     
During cooler months, please let the sheet come to room temp before handling to prevent any cracking. At room temp, the sheet will be flexible.  

FYI: This time of year, the mail service can be quite hectic for the mailmen. This year not only do they have holiday packages to deliver, but it is limited staff due to the pandemic. This means it will take even longer for you to get your package. The dates listed on the site for delivery when you purchase an item are estimated by USPS during normal situations. I can’t give you a guarantee of a delivery time slot. Not even on a regular year. I do my best to give same day, if not next day service to get orders out my door quickly. I have 2-3 mail runs in a day. Therefore, I provide a service and then the post office takes over after that.  If you feel the need to be refunded, here is the USPS guidelines to start a claim. 

Priority mail FILE after 15 days
Priority mail express FILE after 7 days

This is a custom edible image cake topper which is a thin frosting sheet that will fit a quarter sheet cake. (print area 7.5" x 10.5") Apply directly to the buttercream iced cake. Allow an hour to melt into the buttercream (May have to dab the buttercream to moisten/freshen before applying the topper)

If stored properly, it will last for a couple months.
Keep out of sunlight and store in the sealed bag in a cool/dry area..
Humidity and temp changes may cause the sheet to dry out and become brittle.

Ingredients available upon request. A list will be sent with your order.
FDA approved, Kosher Certified and no known allergens.

This listing is for GRAPHICS EDITING SERVICES ONLY. All supplies are purchased from an authorized dealer. This item is to be used for personal use only and not to be resold in any way. You are charged for my time and supplies used to create your personal edible topper. Images used are not being sold and I do not claim ownership over them.

This item is prepared in a home kitchen approved by the state health department.

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