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Desk-top musical wind chime | Beech

by Dopamine Arts

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This is a musical wind chime that can be played on the table.
It is tuned to the beautiful tones heard in the opening verses of Jasmine Flower, one of China’s best loved and most widely known folk songs. Being cut and polished by the master by hand, it can produce four music notes on the piano keyboard.
It is made of high quality solid aluminum rod, oxidation and coloring on the surface, natural and lasting.

Selected North American walnut / European beech
Wooden parts are made from North American walnut / European beech. During production, scars and streaks are avoided as much as possible. Materials with similar colors, natural texture and high harmony are selected. After careful polishing and painting by the master, the wind chime has an elegant texture.

Wind chime size: 5.5 × 5.5 × 36cm
Support size: 11 × 5.5 × 42cm

Packaging: Gift box

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