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Earring Jiangzhoutixi carved lacquer,Jiman Zhou

by Jiangzhoutixi

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“Jiangzhoutixi” belonging to multicolor carved lacquer, originated from Tang Dynasty, developed in Yuan Dynasty and was prosperous in Ming Dynasty. It is the national intangible cultural heritage in China. The master, He Junming, is the national inheritor in China, who has set up the Yellow River Carved Lacquerware Craft Factory for nearly 30 years that is the only reserved unit with the craft of “Jiangzhoutixi” approved by the nation. It is engaged in the research and manufacturing, protection and inheritance of “Jiangzhoutixi”.   “Jiangzhoutixi” belongs to the carved lacquerware craft in the field of lacquer. This kind of craft is to use the black and red specially made natural lacquer to repeatedly paint on the carcass regularly with layers to a certain thickness, and then to use the knife to carve with the shape of “V”. The cut shall be round and smooth to make the side at the back to show different layers of texture. The black and the red alternates along the shape of texture. Throughout polishing, the palm is used to stain the plant oil, brick dust, and flour for repeated grinding to make lustre. Since the fracture surface of the cut is clear, the textures of each layer are mostly is vivid and composed of free flowing clouding.Since the craft is complicated, it is difficult to master the unique technique. The craft period is at least eight months, and the natural paint is difficultly gained. Thus, it is nearly in the crisis of failing to be handed down, which more indicates the precious value of “Jiangzhoutixi”.

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