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Emojional (Burial Jar for Emojis) handmade ceramic artwork by Reniel Del Rosario

by Reniel Del Rosario

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Handmade ceramic artwork by Reniel Del Rosario (California-based US artist) completed in the year 2020. If you are interested in this product, please reach out first to properly discuss the object, shipping, and build a repertoire with the artist.

Reniel Del Rosario is an artist oriented in rewriting cultural objects through a wide breadth of aesthetics. His work includes fake stores put out up in public spaces, smorgasbords of food, and Filipino burial jars—all of which center very much around performance, installation, and ceramics. He is inspired by pop culture, historical objects, and the Bay Area funk movement.

Pictured here is Emojional (Burial Jar for Emojis), completed in 2020. This work is from the artist's burial jar series One Big Happy Family and features carved and glazed emojis on the jar's surface. This object was made for non-utilitarian art purposes and as such is not recommended for any functional use.

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