(naturally dyed) Olive Knife 1

by The Humble Spoon

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This wood is super tough and durable. Not the easiest wood to carve when dried out for finishing cuts. But the finish is outstanding and worth the effort.

As is the case for all my wooden spoons;
- I use locally foraged wood, most of which comes from fruit trees. 
- I carve the wood fresh, using an axe and a few knives.
- I finish my spoons with around 3-6 coats of Walnut Oil and I Burnish the spoons between each coat (compressing the surface of the wood by rubbing a smooth object over it), 
giving a very smooth and polished finish... No sandpaper is used, preserving the knife-cut finish.
- Made to feel great in the mouth and hand, a pleasure to use as well as being a little work of art...

- For those interested in buying from Europe, this spoon is €22.

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