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Resin Personalized Letter Initial Keychain w/ Gold, Silver, Rosegold Leaf (pink, black, cute gift for friends family, Mother's Day, for her)

by mermaidcraftsjp

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lead time : 5 days     
As usual, we offer FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Japan and a minimal shipping fee for international customers.

So if you are looking for that unique, beautiful gift for your girlfriend, fiance, wife, mother, sister or friends, this item is for you.

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●Additional designs (free):
1. Tassel (only matches with gold chains because it has a gold base)
2. Ribbon/Heart/Butterfly/Moon/Shell (If buyer wants to choose, please let me know at the personalization section)

Seller's Note: Unfortunately at this time, my parcels do not contain tracking numbers. Please understand that MermaidCraftsJP is not responsible for lost, held, or damaged packages. If buyer strongly prefers the item to have a tracking number, please message me so we can discuss additional shipping costs. Thank you!

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