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Set of 3 Face Scrubbies, Crochet cotton Face, scrubby reusable cotton rounds,100% Cotton,Facial Scrubbies makeup pads

by Knitting Anastasia

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Set of 3 Face Scrubs / Crochet cotton Face Scrub | Small gift ideas | No waste production

Reusable cotton cleaning sponges, great for us as a makeup remover scrub, feel soft on the skin, easy scrub.
A great bath accessory that every woman needs.

They are 2.7 " diameter (as standard sponge) -100% cotton.
Care Instructions: Machine wash or hand wash. Press the dryer briefly in the dryer on a low setting. Shape and lay flat.

When ordering, write the color number,the numbers are shown on 2 photos.

Тhe color in the photo may be slightly different,due to the different color rendition of monitors and cameras

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