Snake paper-cut

by Shuqin tao

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Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk arts in China. As a kind of hollow out art, it can give people a sense of transparency and artistic enjoyment visually. Paper cutting uses scissors to cut paper into various patterns, such as window flowers, door paper, wall flowers, ceiling flowers, lamp flowers and so on.
 Every festival or wedding festival, people will paste the beautiful bright paper-cut on the Windows, walls, doors and lanterns at home, the festive atmosphere is therefore foiled more warm. 
In the countryside, paper cutting is usually done by women and girls. In the past, paper cutting was a handmade art that almost every girl had to master, and it was also a standard by which people judged brides. 
In the art of paper-cutting , all kinds of joys and sorrows in life can be expressed through a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. Snake is one of the 12 zodiac symbols associated with the lunar calendar.
Length:14cm;  width:15.5cm

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