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Spirited away mask.

by Midnight Garden

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Mask from the film Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki.
This piece is a recreation of the face cover for Kaonashi, an iconic character of the production.
Its made out of steel wire and heated EVA rubber, and finished with spray paint, acrylic and lacquer.

The overall desing considers all the features of the mask in the film while highlighting some details and expressionism to make it more realistic (if you search for more kaonashis mask its easy to apreciate that some pieces while loyal to the film, in the real world look weird), its painted in a slightly bone white and the silouethe is not perfectly round and sharp so it becomes more organic, then the purple marks are paited with a diferent technique so its posible to identify the paint (this marks originally should be hand paited in orther to make those masks). This way the product looks like a real mask, but resembling the one of the film. Ideal for hangin it to a wall or completing a Cosplay.

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