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Wind Bell | Mushroom - Brass and Walnut

by Dopamine Arts

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"Mushroom" is a wind bell designed and produced by dopamine. The shape of brass bell with walnut is like a small mushroom, which is very cute as a whole. When the wind blows, the bell is gentle and does not disturb people, just like a token from nature. Please enjoy the beauty it brings!

Wind bell material: Brass + walnut
Wind bell size: 4 × 4 × 36cm

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

About sound
1) This mushroom bell is smaller, so the sound is not loud. It’s gentle and will not disturb people. 
2) As the bell is heavy, we’ve increased the wind collecting effect of the wind sail, but light winds still may not blow a sound, please know!

About the wind sail (mushroom pattern note)
Although we’ve packing products carefully, the wind sail is still easy to be moved and slightly bent after express transportation, but it will not be obviously when hung. If you care about it, you can also use the gift wind sail to replace it. Thanks for your understanding at advance.

About installation
1) This wind bell has a copper ring, so that it can be hung on a variety of hooks. There is a piece of gift fish line, which can be threading through the copper ring as an extension line to help you hang it on the window railing, balcony and other ventilation places.
 2) Although we have added a protective layer to the brass bell surface, it is still recommended to install under the eaves.

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