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YongMu handmade Carbon Stove made of mahogany and copper

by Yongmu

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Burning charcoal for heating and cooking tea in the stove have always been one of our traditional customs. With the development of society, this custom has not been effectively inherited.
Making the past serve the present, Yong Mu's cultural creation combines the modern lifestyle with the customs of traditional culture and makes a fusion. The key is that this traditional culture also It is an elegant and interesting thing that everyone likes, so yongmu Wenchuang has launched such a Wenchuang product for cooking tea in the stove.
The exterior surface of the tea cooking stove is rosewood, and the inner container is hand-forged copper. The interlayer of high-tech nano thermal insulation material is used in the middle, which can be well insulated 1400 Degree. With wood, fire pliers, gray rake, iron pot, a stove of smoke-free charcoal, about three or two friends, together with the stove narrative, can also play a role in heating,functions such as humidification and tea making

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