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ZHICOO Christmas Embroidery Refrigerator magnet /Brooch/Pendant

by zhicoo

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lead time : 7 days     
This works has three kind functions, one is Refrigerator magnet  and  one is Brooch and another is Pendant.

Please contact me to check the details and make sure that I have enough goods in stock, thanks for your understanding!

ZHICOO is a newly sprouted  original designer product brand.
The founder Cati once studied industrial design in Germany for five years. After years of study and work, her enthusiasm and interest in design were gradually precipitated and evolved into her own method of thinking about design and turning thinking into reality.
The original intention of the name of ZHICOO provide a small space protective shell for all the people in need. In this space, we can escape from the complicated world temporarily and relax completely.
Every bit of life will become the inspiration and guide in the design of ZHICOO.
Cati said that a good design should be like a little “!” unexpected but just right in life.
I sincerely hope that ZHICOO will gradually grow into the little one “!” in your heart, may you like it, may you be happy!

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